Product Name:Sanitary Centrifugal Pump


Product wetted steel parts: Acidresistant steel AISI 316L(AISI304)
Other steel parts: Stainless ateel AISI 304
Outside surface: Ti
Inside surface: Bright
Product wetted seals: EPDM rubber

Technical date
Max.inlet pressure: 0.5Mpa
Temperature range: -10to+140(EPD) 85dB(A)
Noise level(at 1 m): Max.0.1.MPa
Flushed seal0.25~0.51/min
Water pressure: Max.0.6MPa
Waterconsumption: 0.25~0.51/min
Double mechanical seal3~,50HZ,220~240V/380~
Water pressure: 420V/660~690V,/Y
Water consumption: 50HZ:1.5,2.2,3.4,5.5
Voltage and frequency7.5,11,15KW

Gedong Sanitary Pump is applicable in conveying all kinds of liquid material in the industries of Dairy,Beer Bevrage, Pharmaceutical and Chemitry.It conveys not only normal low or middle viscous solutions but also suspension and corrosive fluids.Gedong Sanitary centrifugal Pump has types of single staye,single suctiona and open styled impeller.with its elaborate design in shell and impeller.resistance is reduced and unhygienic dead andle is thoroughly eliminated.due to its special structue,the liquid flow speed in the pump is promoted to its whole performance.also it has an easy flow speed in the pump is promoted to its whole performance,also it has an easy access for cleaning which presents its outstanding sanitary features,It meets the roduct gentle treatment requirements as ell as anti-chemical-corrosive chaacter
Standard design
The SCP pump consist of a stadard motor,impeller,pump casing and sanitary mechanical shaft seal,the SCP pump is designed for CIP with emphasis on large internal roundings and cleanble seals,SCP has a stainless steel shroud for protection of the motor,and the complete unit is supported on four adjustable stainless steel legs.
Shaft seal
The SCP pump is equipped with either an single or a flused shaft seal.Both have stationary seal rings in acidresisitant steel AISI 316L with sealing surface in carbon or carbide and rotating seal rings in silico carbide,the secondary seal of the flushed seal is a long lasting li seal.SCP10B to 25Bmay also be equiped with a double mechanical shaft seal.

1.These motors are built to comply with current
International Stadards Intemational
   Electrotecnical CommissionIEC34and IEC72
British StandardBS5000 and BS 4999
Australian StandardAS13692
German StandardDIN42673
EU directives to fulfill European
2.These motors are built to comply with current  
National Standards
3.Mechanical Design
Terminal boxes
4.Electrical Design
Minimum Noise and Vibration levels
Maximum Degrees of Protection
All motors are protected to IP 55 as a 
   minnimum.Higher levels of protection are
   availble on request.
Service and Operating Conditions
Motors are designed to be insensitive to
   wide supply voltage fluctuations
Class F insulation offers greater reliability
    and security

Sanitary type Pump Model explaination